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IT Risk Assessments

STS provides a proven approach and the best practices required to help your enterprise achieve a comprehensive approach to IT Risk Management—encompassing confidentiality, Integrity and availability, performance, and compliance.

A risk assessments performed by STS covers all IT risk management functions including security, outsourcing, and business continuity. Our proven approach to risk assessments ensure IT-related risk identification and assessment efforts at the enterprise-wide level are coordinated and consistent throughout the organization. Our risk assessment process provides the foundation for more detailed assessments within the functional risk management areas. Employing our effective IT risk assessment process will improve policy, procedures and internal controls across the organization.

Senior management can use the results of our risk assessment to make informed risk management decisions based on a full understanding of the IT and operational risks. Our tailored solutions for small and less complex environments may have a more simplified risk assessment process. Regardless of the complexity, our process is formal, efficient and as always, professional. Our risk management professionals measure the effectiveness of the process by evaluating management’s understanding and awareness of risk, the adequacy of formal risk assessments, and the effectiveness of the resulting policies and internal controls.

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